Explore Southern Utah's Trails and Backroads!

Whether you are just looking to explore a few easy off-load trails or want to build a rock-crawler and get technical, we're here to help you find the perfect rig and the perfect trails.

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Trail Ready

Looking to bring your jeep to the next level? The Trail Ready package is designed to give you the advantage on the trail.

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Off-Road Ready

Looking to add just a few accessories to aid your explorations? A light bar and roof top tent? We can help get you ready for the easier trails.

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Rock-Crawling Ready

Ready to up your game? Need a lift kit, more aggressive tires, a winch, or roll-bars? We'll get you ready for the Maze at Sand Hollow.

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We have multiple tire and wheel choices available, as well as a long list of additional accessories.

Whether you're looking for stylish wheels that'll get you out on the trail but still look good in town as well, or the most aggressive treads paired with beadlock wheels for rockcrawling, we've got you covered.

Don’t pay out of pocket, finance your build when you purchase your Jeep.

Finance your vehicle and your custom build with us! We'll help you find the best rates and terms to fit your budget.

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Our Mission

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Our goal is to help you explore the backroads and trails of Southern Utah, to provide you with the equipment and the right build to reach your destination, and to offer ideas for places to go and sights to see in the backcountry in our backyard.

We have some of the most spectacular scenery to explore, ghost towns to visit, historic sites where native people and pioneers settled millennia ago, and so much more here in Southern Utah.

If you have a thirst for exploration and enjoy the thrill of an off-load adventure, the Stephen Wade Offroad and Trail be your guide!


Upgrading your Jeep is the perfect way to explore the great outdoors. New suspension, tires, and lights will make my Jeep ready for any terrain.

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Trailing doesn't end at night

Beat the heat by becoming like many desert creatures, nocturnal!

Mopar light kits

  • Mopar Driving Lamp Kit
  • Mopar Driving light kit
  • Mopar Light Bracket
  • Mopar Accessory Switch Panel
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The desert night

Never get caught unprepared. Sometimes it takes a little longer than you anticipate to reach your destination.

Light up the night and the trail with custom LED light bars so you aren't relying on stock headlights to get you through the pitch black of the desert nights on the trails of Southern Utah.

We have a wide variety of choices offering wide or narrow coverage and a variety of lumen options so you can always be sure you'll see the terrain your crossing no matter how dark the night.

Light The Way

Jeep light attachments are a great addition to any off-roading vehicle. They provide the perfect illumination for driving in the dark, over rough terrain, or in inclement weather.

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Bright lights

Check Out Our Camping Package For Your Jeep Gladiator

Tent glowing set up on a hill

With the Jeep Gladiator Camping Package, you can take your love of camping to the next level. The package includes an integrated roof-top tent, a Mopar cargo-storage system, and a Mopar tailgate table, all designed to make your camping experience more enjoyable. The integrated roof-top tent provides an elevated sleeping area and is easy to set up and take down, providing you with privacy and shelter.

The Mopar cargo-storage system has a multi-tiered design that allows you to store and organize your gear, while the Mopar tailgate table provides you with a convenient spot to cook, eat and play cards. Whether you’re camping on the beach, in the woods, or anywhere in between, the Jeep Gladiator Camping Package helps you make the most of your experience. With its easy setup, storage solutions, and thoughtful design, you can rest assured that your camping adventures will be comfortable and safe.

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