Let's Build Your Dream Jeep: Personalization and Upgrades in Southern Utah

We understand that half the fun of being an off-road enthusiast is personalizing and upgrading your Jeep to make it your own. Let us here are Stephen Wade Off-road and Trail help you make your dream jeep become a reality! Explore our different Jeep Upgrade Packages below!

What we offer

For most off-road enthusiast, half the fun lies in upgrading and tinkering with your custom 4x4. We love helping off-road enthusiasts find their perfect build and getting them trail ready.

We're also here to help you find the perfect places to go and explore once your tinkering is over. We're ready, willing and able to put together a complete build for you, or if you prefer, we're happy to hook you up with the parts you need to do it your self.

Trail Ready: The Ultimate Off-Roading Package

If you're eager to explore the off-road trails of Southern Utah, our Trail Riding package is your perfect companion. It includes:

  • 5 Bead-Lock ready wheels and valve stems
  • 5 Off-Road tires for superior traction
  • Side Steps for easy vehicle access
  • Mopar Roll Bar Grab Handles for added safety
  • Mopar Suspension Lift for enhanced ground clearance
  • Upgraded Spare Tire Carrier for peace of mind

With these upgrades included inside the Trail Riding Packages, your Jeep will be ready to tackle any terrain, providing you with the traction and stability needed to conquer the trails. Get started on your off-road adventure today!

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Off-Road Ready: Upgrade Your Jeep for Adventure

Our Off-Road Ready package is designed for Jeep owners who crave more control and visibility during their off-road escapades. This package includes:

  • Mopar 2” Suspension Lift for improved ground clearance
  • Accessory Switch Panel for easy control of additional features
  • Driving Lamp Kit to light up the path ahead
  • All-Terrain Tires for confident handling on any surface

With these enhancements included with our Off-Road Packages, your Jeep will be well-prepared for thrilling off-road adventures. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to exploration!

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Rock Ready: Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence

For the ultimate off-road experience, our Rock Ready Jeep package has everything you need:

  • Five aggressive tires for unbeatable traction
  • Spare tire for peace of mind
  • Third brake light for safety
  • Winch mounting plate for rescue readiness
  • Upgraded suspension for a smoother ride
  • Heavy-duty shocks for added durability

This package ensures that your Jeep can handle the most challenging terrains, providing you with a smooth and safe ride on your off-road adventures. Embrace the rugged terrain with confidence!

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Let Us Help with All Your Off-Roading Needs

Planning to explore the stunning off-roading trails of Southern Utah? Look no further. Our experts are here to assist you in getting your vehicle in tip-top shape and equipped with the right upgrades for a safe and enjoyable adventure. Southern Utah offers a diverse range of off-roading opportunities, from winding mountain passes to rocky canyons, sand dunes, and buttes. But before you embark on your journey, ensure that your Jeep is up to the challenge. At our shop, we offer a range of services:

With your vehicle in peak condition, you'll be ready to hit the trails and explore the beauty of Southern Utah in your 4x4 or Jeep.

The Importance of Proper Vehicle Upgrades

Your Jeep is your trusty companion on the trails, and it deserves the best upgrades to ensure both your safety and enjoyment. Proper vehicle upgrades can make a significant difference in your off-roading experience. From suspension lifts to all-terrain tires, these enhancements provide better control, traction, and overall performance.

The Personal Touch: Customizing Your Jeep

What sets your Jeep apart from the rest? It's the personalization and customization that reflect your unique style and preferences. Don't settle for a generic look—make your Jeep truly yours. Whether it's a bold paint job, custom graphics, or unique accessories, personalization adds character to your vehicle.

Jeep Accessories That Make a Difference

Jeep accessories aren't just about aesthetics; they also serve practical purposes. From winches that can save you in a tight spot to roof racks that carry your gear, the right accessories can enhance your off-roading experience. Explore our selection to find the accessories that suit your adventure style.