Unleash Your Off-Road Adventure

Experience the thrill of conquering challenging terrains with our Off-Road Ready Jeep Package!

Elevate Your Jeep Adventure with Off-Road Readiness

Are you ready to elevate your Jeep experience to new heights? Look no further than our Off Road Ready package. We have curated the ultimate off-road enhancement for your Jeep, ensuring it's prepared to conquer any terrain that comes its way. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this package and what makes it a game-changer for adventure seekers.

Unleash the Power with a Mopar 2” Suspension Lift

The cornerstone of our Off Road Ready package is the Mopar 2” Suspension Lift. This lift kit provides your vehicle with the essential clearance and articulation it needs to tackle even the most challenging terrains. Whether you're navigating rocky trails or forging through muddy paths, this suspension lift ensures your Jeep is up to the task.

Take Control with Mopar Accessory Switch Panel and Driving Lamp Kit

Control and visibility are key when venturing off the beaten path. That's why our package includes a Mopar Accessory Switch Panel and a Mopar Driving Lamp Kit. With the accessory switch panel, you can effortlessly manage various functions of your Jeep's accessories. Combine that with the driving lamp kit, and you'll have the illumination necessary to safely navigate dark or treacherous routes.

Equip Your Jeep for Every Adventure with All-Terrain Tires

No off-road adventure is complete without the right tires. Our Off Road Ready package doesn't cut corners, and we've included a set of all-terrain tires to ensure your Jeep is ready for any situation. These rugged tires offer superior traction, whether you're tackling rocky inclines or muddy trails. You can trust that your Jeep will have the grip it needs to handle any challenge that comes its way.

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  • 5 Bead – Lock ready Wheels w/valve stems
  • Powder Coated Rings to match vehicle
  • Tire Size Calibration
  • 5 Aggressive Off Road tires


  • Side Steps
  • Mopar Roll Bar grab handles
  • Mopar 2” Suspension Lift


  • Upgraded Spare Tire Carrier
  • Mopar Accessory Switch Panel
  • Mopar Light Bracket
  • Mopar Driving Lamp Kit
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Factory Warranty

Mopar Factory Warranty: Your Assurance of Quality

Worried about the durability and performance of these enhancements? Rest easy knowing that all Dealer Installed Mopar accessories are backed by the Mopar Factory Warranty. Mopar has a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and performance, and they stand firmly behind their products. This warranty provides you with the peace of mind that you're investing in reliable and long-lasting parts and accessories.

Our Off Road Ready Process

Step 1: Assessing Your Jeep

Our journey to make your Jeep Off Road Ready begins with a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle. We meticulously identify which features are necessary to enhance its off-road capabilities. This can include upgrading the suspension, adding a robust winch or bullbar, and selecting the ideal tires and wheels for your specific needs.

Step 2: Sourcing and Installation

Once we've identified the necessary components, we swiftly move on to sourcing and installation. Our experienced technicians expertly replace suspension components, securely fit the bullbar, install a reliable winch, and swap out the tires and wheels with precision and care. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to enhancing your Jeep's off-road readiness.

Step 3: Thorough Testing

The final step in our process is a rigorous testing phase. We put your Jeep through its paces to ensure it's truly Off Road Ready. This includes comprehensive checks of the suspension and steering system, as well as a thorough assessment of the engine's power and torque. Only when we're completely satisfied with its performance do we proudly inform you that your Jeep is now ready for any off-road adventure that beckons.